Gloria Villegas, owner of the Omega Insurance Agency, is dedicated to finding each customer the right policy at the best possible price. As an independent insurance agent, she is able to offer policies for your home, car, and truck from a variety of insurance companies. Call or come by Omega for a quote and get the best deal on the insurance coverage you need.

Superior customer service is the #1 priority, that’s why Omega is open during your lunch hour, on Saturdays, and until 6:00 PM in the evening Monday through Friday.

Omega Insurance Agency offers top rated policies from many companies, including Progressive, Empower, Foremost, Dairyland, CAIC, Pacific Specialty, Banker, Aggressive, ACCC, and Victoria/Titan. Just giveĀ Gloria your information so she can get you the quote that best fills your needs. Why shop around when an expert can do it for you? Let Omega Insurance Agency put their expertise to work for you!